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White South Sea Loose Pearl, Single of Smooth Baroque 14.5*12.3mm, PASPALEY

White South Sea Loose Pearl, Single of Smooth Baroque 14.5*12.3mm, PASPALEY

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PASPALEY: Australian South Sea Center

Pearl Type: White South Sea 

Pearl Size: 14.5*12.3mm

Luster: AAA/AA

Body Colour: Silver with Pink Overtone

Pearl Shape: Smooth Baroque

PASPALEY, officially the Paspaley Pearling Company,  is Australia's largest and oldest pearling company; that cultivates, farms, harvests, wholesales and retails South Sea Pearls for the purposes of luxury jewellery supply and manufacture. Paspaley claims that it is a strong advocate of environmental responsibility within the pearling industry.

Paspaley is the world’s leading producer of cultured South Sea pearls, supplying strands, pairs and loose pearls to the world’s leading jewellery retailers and wholesalers.

Paspaley operates the world’s last significant pearl diving operation and is the only source of natural pearls collected using regulated sustainable and environmentally responsible methods.


The beauty of a fine quality pearl is revealed the moment it is removed from the oyster. Such pearls require no colour or lustre enhancement.

As with other gemstones, lower quality pearls are commonly subjected to various processes to improve their appearance. Light processing will improve the lustre of a lower quality pearl. This type of treatment does not negatively affect the pearl’s structure but the lustre may fade after a few years.

Heavy chemical treatments may adversely affect the physical integrity of a pearl and can sometimes impart a coarse and chalky look and feel, diminishing the quality and appearance of the pearl over time.

Chemical enhancement is an acceptable practice when properly performed but enhancements must always be disclosed by the vendor as they do affect a pearl’s value.

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